Hino's Total Support to transport & logistics industries


Manila, Philippines (August 16 to 18, 2018) – Hino Motors Philippines (HMP), exclusive distributor of Hino trucks and buses in the Philippines, showcased some of its latest vehicles during the annual Transport and Logistics Expo, which ran at the World Trade Center from August 16 to 18, 2018.

HMP displayed its wing van from the Hino 500 series, the tractor head from the Hino 700 series and the newly designed Hino PUV Class II with cab from Hino’s modern jeepney variants.

Hino’s Total Support mantra aligns with the government’s Build, Build, Build Program, which aims to accelerate economic growth, create more job opportunities and improve the lives of Filipinos. Now on its second year, the program has rolled out infrastructure projects that require reliable logistics solutions. Hino addresses this demand by providing efficient trucks and services to ensure smooth business operations.

Aside from the logistics market, HMP is determined to provide solutions to the transport industry. Hino has designed modern jeepney variants to fit the needs of the riding public and improve the current transport system of the country in line with the PUV Modernization Program.

“We strongly believe that the Filipinos deserve better infrastructure and transportation. This is why we are always looking for opportunities to offer our Total Support in every way possible. It is fortunate that the government’s most-recent initiatives help us extend our services and products to  Filipinos, further helping us realize the vision of building a more connected Filipino community,” said HMP Chairman Vicente T. Mills, Jr.

As the only one-stop shop for trucks and buses in the Philippines, HMP is maximizing every chance to increase its presence nationwide, particularly during industry exhibits. By offering top-line commercial vehicles, Hino enhances its partners’ service capabilities in fulfilling logistics and transport demands across different sectors.