Provincial Gov't. of Batangas' Purchases Hino 200 Series Rescue Trucks


Batangas City, Batangas, June 26, 2023 -The Provincial Government of Batangas has announced their purchase of 186 brand new Hino 200 Series Rescue trucks to enhance emergency response capabilities. The contract was successfully closed by Hino Batangas, the authorized dealership in the province of Batangas, with the valuable support of Hino Motors Philippines Corporation.


The ceremonial contract signing was held at the Batangas Provincial Capitol, which was a significant milestone in Batangas' ongoing efforts to strengthen disaster preparedness and ensure the safety and well-being of its residents.


The acquisition of the Hino 200 Series Rescue trucks is a testament to the Provincial Government of Batangas' unwavering dedication to public service and their proactive approach in addressing emergencies and natural disasters.


Present during the event were Gov. Hermilando “Dodo” Mandanas, the Provincial Governor of Batangas, Engr. Gilbert Gatdula, Provincial Engineer, Mr. Wilfredo D. Racelis, Provincial Administrator, and Mr. Oliver C. Dela Cruz, Vice President for Sales of Hino Motors Philippines Corp. The parties expressed their enthusiasm over the acquisition, stating that the purchase of the Hino 200 Series Rescue trucks is a significant step forward for the Provincial Government of Batangas towards fulfilling their commitment to safeguarding lives and properties of constituents.


“These new vehicles will greatly enhance the provincial government’s emergency response capabilities and we extend our gratitude to Hino Batangas together with Hino Motors Philippines for their invaluable partnership in making this possible." Gov. Mandanas added.


Hino Batangas, recognized for their outstanding track record as an authorized dealership, played a pivotal role in securing the deal. With their unparalleled expertise in the sales of commercial vehicles and dedication to customer satisfaction through Hino’s Total Support Program, Hino Batangas ensured a seamless transaction, allowing the Provincial Government of Batangas to acquire these essential assets efficiently.


The Hino 200 Series Rescue truck, renowned for its unique features such as suitability for inner-city use, and agility due to its compact size and turning radius, will significantly enhance the emergency response capabilities of Batangas. Equipped with state-of-the-art features and designed for rapid deployment and easy maneuverability, these trucks are set to become a vital component of the province's disaster management infrastructure.


This strategic investment by the Provincial Government of Batangas demonstrates their commitment to the welfare of their constituents and reinforces their dedication to ensuring the utmost preparedness in times of crisis. The addition of these 186 Hino 200 Series Rescue trucks will undoubtedly bolster Batangas' ability to respond effectively to emergencies and provide timely assistance to those in need.